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AWA MEDI is an online retail store which has been dedicated to providing the highest quality healthcare products to customers worldwide for over 10 Years. We have a wide range of healthcare supplements to improve your life in multiple ways. Whatever your goal may be, we have something for you. AWA MEDI has some of the worlds leading products and has won multiple awards over the years.

What Our Customers Say :)

”Excellent Products & Service, I have been using AWA MEDI products for over 8 years and have been extremely pleased. Highly Recommended.”

Jennifer - California, Los Angeles

”10/10. Top quality products that are part of my daily routine, wouldn't use another brand. Usually pick some of these up from the local pharmacy in Harrow”

Mr. Richard Barker - London, United Kingdom

”These products helped save my life, 3 months ago I was suffering from chronic liver problems associated with my ALT/AST levels. I tried AWA MEDI Tudca combined with their Glutathione & it drastically reduced my liver enzymes to in range levels. I cant thank this company enough for all their help. Usually purchase these products on Ebay and Amazon but prices are slightly less on the site, so will continue to purchase here.”

Juan Acosta - Granada, Spain

”By far the best supplements online for what they specialise in! The lab test reports give me peace of mind to know that what im putting in my body is real and wont harm me. I tend to pay the little bit extra for reassurance however these products are well worth the money. Communication is superb and the customer service are prompt with replies. Also have to say the branding is spot on ;) Please continue to provide quality products.”

"Overall - 10/10"

Aqsa - Hull, United Kingdom